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Get Involved :: Books & Beyond Student Leadership Team Positions

Here's your chance!

Below are links to the position announcements and job applications for our Student Leadership Team positions.  Apply between March 1 and April 15 to be considered!  Interviews are held soon after the April 15 application deadline each year.

  • Student Director– oversees all Team Leads and works closely with Director to manage project logistics, goals, and perpetual calendar.
  • Treasurer – works very closely with Funding Development Team Lead and Director to manage SOA accounts, donor database, incoming and outgoing expenses, etc.
  • Collaborator Team Lead – works to edit and format The World Is Our Home story anthology, monitors cultural sensitivity of sources, hosts Microsoft Publisher workshops/trainings, etc.
  • Evaluation Team Lead – creates evaluation material for the program throughout the year at multiple levels (volunteers, leadership team).  Works to construct evaluation materials for Kabwende to be used during the Kabwende Literacy Camp in Rwanda.
  • Documenting Team Lead– works closely with PR team to develop video and photo material. Attends and documents events, compiles videos about IU weekend and writing partner workshops, creates promotional videos, organizes archived video footage.
  • Fund Development Team Lead – works to write grants, plan fundraisers, make presentations to groups on campus, and diversify funding portfolio.
  • Public Relations Team Lead – manages internal and external advertising, establishes community partnerships, manages Books & Beyond social media, puts out Amakuru newsletter, etc.
  • Rwandan Culture & Communication Team Lead – manages a team of pen pals at IU who write to teachers and students of Kabwende, hosts Rwandan culture events such as micro-lessons, movie nights, food events, etc.
  • Writing Partner Team Lead – works with Bloomington elementary school and IU students on writing stories for The World Is Our Home anthology, plans writing workshops, works closely with Collaborators.

If you have any questions, please contact Books & Beyond Director Vera Marinova at for more information.